Thursday, May 30, 2013

The ELF encounters a rain storm

 Here's a video clip from Tuesday's ride home.   When I left my house there were some very dark clouds in the sky so I suspected the ride would get interesting at some point.  Just as I pulled off the trail into my neighborhood the rain started coming down in torrents.  Here's a video of that part of my ride.  Note the lawn guys running for shelter.

I stayed relatively dry inside the ELF even though the rain was splashing in a bit from the sides.  However, compared to riding a traditional bike I was really dry.  My shoes didn't even fill with water!

Actually, I got really wet once I parked the ELF and carried my bags into the house.  I should have just left everything in the trunk until the rain stopped but I didn't know how dry the storage compartment would be.

Now I'm thinking of storing an umbrella in the ELF!


  1. Is the windshield glass or plastic? I will be riding my ELF (once it arrives) in a number of rainstorms so I want better visibility using the RainX.

  2. It's poly-bicarbonate and they don't recommend cleaning with any detergents, just spray with water. So, I suspect RainX might not be recommended but you should ask the folks at Organic Transit for the official answer.

  3. I live in a temperate rainforest and well, we get a lot of rain. Having a wiper sure would be nice. Wonder if there's one in the plans or if there are any manual type wipers on the market?

  4. The windshield is very light weight somewhat flexible plastic so I don't think it could hold a windshield wiper. The visibility wasn't bad during a light rain but if it's really coming down hard I don't think even windshield wipers would help much. I've added a soft cloth to my gear so I can clean off the windshield if needed but so far I've only used it at home before leaving in the morning.

  5. Especially at night, I think the rain on the Lexan/polybicarbonate windshield could make it difficult to see. And the rear window, from your later posts, seems to get covered with dirt and sand in the rain. I know from flying that they make water-repellent treatments for this type of plastic windscreen (such as I wonder if this would help?