Wednesday, July 17, 2013

ELFRider Commute Ride

Here's a video of the middle of my ride home yesterday.  In this heat I've discovered that the ELF provides a sun shade so my head doesn't get baked.  I've also been taking it easy by using the motor a bit more so as to keep from getting over heated.  When the ELF gets going the airflow is really pretty good so I've been staying comfortable.  As on my 2-wheeler, the only time I really get hot is when I have to sit at a light near all those heat producing cars. :p

This video was taken on my iPhone mounted on the steering wheel.  The bumps are typical but probably a bit exaggerated since the phone feels every bump directly.  The video starts at the corner of Lockwood and Route 29 and I turn onto 29 going South.  Then it's right on Southwood and over to Dennis to just past Sligo Creek.


  1. No doubt the vibration is exaggerated by the phone itself. Curious, does the Elf have suspension or is that a feature one would have to ask for?

  2. Waiting for the next post. Really enjoying them. A future ELF rider.