Friday, July 25, 2014

The ELF goes Walkabout

The ELF decided to go walkabout today. I arrived at 8:30 am and parked the ELF facing the morning sun.  Since the new parking brake isn't very effective with the cables all stretched, I set the new back disk brake by wrapping the left brake handle with the velcro strap.  The ELF sat in the sun for 1.5 hours before this happened:

Luckily there were only minor scrapes to the parked car on the left and a broken ELF fender that is easily repaired.  I'm feeling very lucky since there is a small pond down the hill to the left!!! 

I guess I really do need to put some chocks in front of the wheels before I leave it in the sun in the morning!


  1. Are you still riding the ELF? How is it going?

  2. Yes, I'm riding the ELF almost every day to and from work - 20 miles round trip. It's been running quite well aside from normal maintenance. This week I replaced a tube in a front wheel due to a slow leak, replaced a broken spoke in the same wheel, and rotated the left and right front tires that were beginning to show uneven wear.

  3. Do you have a rough estimate of how much the Elf costs in maintenance per year? Thank-you. Really enjoying your blog.

  4. How are you liking your elf is it worth the investment? Did you get the carbon fiber add on is it worth the extra cost?